National Jellybean Day

You would think that we do enough to celebrate the Jelly Bean at Easter… but we don’t. The Jelly Bean is so special, that it needs it’s own national holiday. This National Jelly Bean Day you can grab a bag of jelly beans… or you can create some of these awesome jelly bean crafts! I recommend doing both.

Look Up At the Sky Day

When was the last time you stopped to look up at the sky? Take a moment, step outside, and enjoy the open air. Then get some crafting done to celebrate Look Up at the Sky Day. These crafts celebrate clouds and rainbows… you can also come up with other fun craft ideas that incorporate the sun, birds, or airplanes… or for a fun twist celebrate the night sky with a moon and stars craft. Though then you’d be celebrating Look Up at the Sky Night, not Look Up at the Sky Day… right?

Scrabble Day

Are you addicted to Scrabble? Or maybe you are addicted to using Scrabble tiles in your craft projects. To celebrate Scrabble Day, you can have fun with any of these crafts that are either inspired by Scrabble, or use the Scrabble tiles.

Submarine Day

It doesn’t matter if you live in a yellow submarine or not – finding ways to celebrate submarine day is fun! Put Finding Nemo or the Beetles on as you create some fun submarine crafts! Your submarines can be yellow… or not.

Golfer’s Day

Long before Father’s Day, it seems, we celebrate Golfer’s Day. A day for men to spend out on the greens, and for kids to come up with fun craft ideas using golf tees. If you want to celebrate Golfer’s Day, here are some fun ideas…