Water a Flower Day is May 30th

May 30th is water a flower day. If you enjoy gardening this is probably something you do on a regular basis. If you do not have a green thumb you may not be watering plants as often but there are still a lot of fun posts to share in.
If you need some ideas on how to label your plants outside, a way to spruce up your boringĀ  clay pots, or would prefer to crochet a few flowers that you never have to water Check out the posts below for some awesome ways to join in Water A Flower Day.

Walk in the Park Day is March 30th

March 30th is Walk in the Park Day, a chance to get out and enjoy the sunny days of spring.

If your kids enjoy catching bugs, check out this awesome Mason Jar Bug Jar tutorial from Carolina complete with a how-to video. This bug jar is extra special because it uses a magnifying glass as the lid!


Staying at the park a little longer and need a place to sit? Check out this post by Ashley on how to make some awesome round situpons that are easy to roll up and small enough to fit in your bag.


Bubbles always bring lots of fun, but the fun gets bigger when the bubbles get larger. Kristen has the recipe for giant bubbles!


Whether you celebrate Walk in the Park Day with a small walk around your local park or you choose to stay and explore the area looking for bugs, enjoying a picnic with a personal situpon, or letting the wind blow giant bubbles, we hope you have fun making memories.